ServisMed, LLC was formed by a group of diverse industry professionals for the purpose of bringing to market groundbreaking technologies to better protect us from harmful or hazardous microorganisms.  While the world is constantly changing, we remain focused on innovation and developing products that meet our SP3 standards, this means they are Safe for People, Pets and Plants.  It is our mission to become the most trusted provider of better protection products with superior functionality and value for all of our customers across the globe and the communities in which we live and work.


Strategia Project Management Inc. is an innovative Healthcare group of professionals, creating unique solutions in an effort to become one of the leading biotechnology and healthcare companies in the world. Our team of experts strives to solve worldwide healthcare problems at the most difficult levels, always pushing the boundaries of science and technology. Our board-certified interdisciplinary team of physicians have more than 160 years of combined experience within the healthcare industry. This level of experience has provided a mechanism for state-of-the-art research and development in bringing new and innovative healthcare solutions to the market. Our team has developed highly diverse healthcare systems, networks and biotech innovation, providing patient care unmatched by any other.

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