Are your products FDA Registered?

The FDA has Registered our product for OTC use and designated us the following FDA National Drug Codes:

  • 72513-100-01
  • 72513-100-02
  • 72513-100-03
  • 72513-100-04
  • 72513-100-05
  • 72513-100-06
  • 72513-100-07

What is the kill time for the viruses, bacteria and fungi you claim to destroy?

The microSURE product line begins killing immediately upon contact, but the amazing difference in our products is that they continue killing viruses, bacteria and fungi for hours and in some cases days after application. Our 8HD hand sanitizer kills these bad germs for 8 hours after application, and the microSURE All-Purpose Cleaner & Disinfectant is effective for weeks and months. For best results we recommend re-applying every 30 days (for high-traffic areas, we recommend re-applying the product every 7 days). Specific virucidal kill times for the microSURE All-Purpose Cleaner & Disinfectant can be found on the product page.

What chemicals are in your products?

The “magic” behind both of our products is a special hydrated silica complex that forms a nano-scale defensive layer on the surface to which it is applied. The 8HD “8-Hour Defense” hand sanitizer has Benzalkonium Chloride suspended in the silica compound, and the microSURE All-Purpose Disinfectant is a Pesticidal Device registered under EPA Company # 95990

Are the chemicals in your products safe to touch with bare skin?

The EPA categorizes its toxicity levels from Category I to Category IV, with Category IV indicating the lowest possible level of harm present. The microSURE product famliy was tested for Accute Eye Irritation, Acute Oral Toxicity and Acute Dermal Irritation and classified by as EPA Toxicity Level IV, deemed harmless, for all tests.

What's the best way to clean and sanitize with MicroSure All-Purpose Cleaner & Disinfectant?

There are various ways one could apply the MicroSure All-Purpose Cleaner & Disinfectant. For larger area, we recommend a pressure or electrostatic sprayer or a mister. For smaller areas, normal cleaning techniques apply. If applying the disinfectant with other cleaners, it is best practice to apply our product lastly.

Can people use 8HD Hand Sanitizer every day?

8HD is perfectly safe to use multiple times a day everyday.

Should workers wear gloves and masks when applying MicroSure All-Purpose Disinfectant?

Different organizations may have specific requirements about the use of PPE while operating a fogger or mister, but our products are perfectly safe for humans and have received the EPA’s safest rating for a chemical.

How does the chemical solution kill and protect against viruses and germs? Where can i read more about the science?

Our products have been developed using a proprietary formula and work via the same mechanism of action. Our process uses a ‘Mechanical Kill’ which differs from the outdated and popular ‘Chemical Kill’ mechanism in that instead of using toxic chemicals to fight off bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc., this new and innovative mechanism for combating biohazards implements the use of nano-technology and the creation of ‘crystalline structures’ to aid in the attachment and cellular membrane penetration of unwanted microorganisms. You can read more about this and all of our numerous scientific studies on our SCIENCE page.

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